Fitness on Weight Watchers...

A few weeks ago I updated and shared my post, "What do you know about good music", hoping to get some feedback on something new to add to my outdated workout playlist. What I took away from it was Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-A-Lot suggested by Kristi from Finding Ninee. Then my friend Sonya from It's a Bees Life told me that I wasn't too old for the music that I had.

So I was like, "Well I'm keeping my stuff." I went iTunes shopping and added some more old school jams like Everybody Dance Now by C & C Music Factory and some fresh stuff like Low by Flo Rida featuring T. Pain.

Whatever makes you move and gets you excited to move, then that's what you need to go with right? 

I was so excited about the new additions to my playlist that...

WW Playlist.png

I bought a HULA HOOP! 

If you haven't seen Yogi Bear dance to Baby Got Back, then you've got to see it. Watching it gave me the idea for the hula hoop. Yogi's got dance skills that I don't have, but I thought a hula hoop could make me swirl my hips Yogi style.

I was all set to go and buy one from the Toysrus and decided to look on Amazon. Little did I know, there are such things as fitness hula hoops!  

I read the reviews of the ones out on Amazon and then decided to check Walmart to see if they had it. Sure 'nuff they did! The Danskin Now 2.5 lb Fitness Hoop at Walmart is just $19.97 and comes with an instructional DVD. I already knew how to hula hoop, but the DVD also shows you some stretches to start with, a hula hoop routine, some arm exercises and lunges you can do with the hula hoop. 

From my new playlist, I am up to hula hooping to four songs that equal 14 minutes and 22 seconds! I usually have a stiff back and have to be careful with things with impact such as jump rope or jumping jacks. The hula hoop makes my back feel good! 

You'll find some comments within the Amazon reviews from people who said the hula hoop caused bruising and some that complained that it fell apart all of the time (different brand). One reviewer suggested wearing a sweatshirt for padding. I'm not skin and bones so I didn't need a sweatshirt. As for putting it together... I haven't had any problems. Just snap the pieces into place so they don't fall apart.  

Don't I look like I'm having fun? 

This is a fun way to work up a sweat and get my heart pumping. I am not substituting this for other forms of cardio but it beats doing sit-ups. You can't help but keep your abs tight when you hula hoop. Additionally, I can pick it up anytime I've eaten 12 points worth of chocolate and hula hoop until I no longer feel guilty about it.

Here's the thing... If you have kids, don't expect to have all the hula hooping fun to yourself.  

Here's a demo of the hula hoop in action... 

Week Eleven: Lost 0 lbs Total Loss: 7.5 lbs

Weigh Day results cannot possibly be accurate with PMS 

Join me next Wednesday for another edition of Weight Watchers Wednesday.