Streaming: No Cable Necessary

I love I was using it way before there was ever an app for that. It’s is my go to, “You wanna make a bet?” problem solver and I usually win. I’m always right about who played in what movie or show. My husband would beg to differ.

Without further TMI...

I used for my “research” of this Monday Listicles topic... 


10 of my favorite shows that were cancelled too soon…

    1. Pride & Joy (1996) – I laughed when I looked this one up. There were only 6 episodes. Well I liked it. Jeremy Piven and Caroline Rhea made the show and that’s all I remember. 
    2. Freaks and Geeks (1999) - 18 episodes. I watched this one on Netflix this year after reading this post by blogger Kate Hall. I watched all episodes within a week while taking two hours to fold a basket of towels or staying up way past my bedtime. Kate and I were happy to get on with our lives when the show ended. I went on with my life. Kate might have become a Freaks and Geeks stalker. Here's proof.
    3. Day Break (2006) - 13 episodes. The main character was Taye Diggs. This show was kind of like Ground Hog Day meets 24. Taye was the Keifer. The show was cancelled before all 13 episodes aired and it left me hanging. I found the show a couple of years ago during a trial period of HuluPlus and finished it. The end of the season still left me hanging, but it was good. 
    4. Kidnapped (2006) - 13 episodes. Obviously someone was kidnapped. It was as good as watching a season long movie. I couldn’t believe there wasn’t a second season.You can find this one on Netflix
    5. The Defenders (2009) - 18 Episodes starring James Belushi and Jerry O’Connell. This was a lighthearted lawyers in Vegas kind of show. Now available on Netflix
    6. The Forgotten (2009) - 17 episodes starring Christian Slater. Appropriately titled I guess. Christian Slater’s demeanor was so soft and sweet it could put you to sleep. Maybe that’s what happened. 
    7. Dark Blue (2009 -2010) - 20 episodes. A cast of not hard to look at men. The main character was Dylan McDermott. I remember something happening in the second season where I thought that I didn’t like where it was going. I guess the network didn’t either.
    8. No Ordinary Family (2010) - 20 Episodes all available for free on Hulu. In a family with super powers, the main character was played by Michael Chiklis. It was nice to see The Commish play in a light funny role after he was so corrupt on The Shield. My son enjoyed some of the shows because he was familiar with Chiklis from playing a similar role as Muscle Man in Fantasic Four. 
    9. Detroit 1-8-7 (2010) - 18 episodes. I never saw the end of it. It just kind of disappeared. If you were a fan - what had happend was written here under broadcasting. You can find all the episodes on Hulu for free. I need to go see how it ended.
    10. The Chicago Code (2011) 13 episodes.  Another excellent show now available on Netflix. This one starred Jennifer Beals as the Police Superintendent and Delroy Lindo as the city’s corrupt Alderman.

    It seems like I have a knack for picking shows like the wrong checkout lane at the grocery store. I think these shows were probably in the wrong place and in the wrong time slot. You know how you can DVR something and you play it later in the week and the first part is football that went into overtime? That drives me nuts.  Anyway, with the exception of Pride and Joy, because I almost found no evidence that it ever existed, this is a list of some great shows.

    Ditch expensive cable and see what's available on something you already have like Hulu, Netflix, or Amazon Prime.

    Here's the thing... I don't have cable and I've got more shows available to stream than I have time to sit down for, fold laundry to or stay up past my bedtime to see.