Humor Me Blog Hop #3

Just in case you are wondering Tuesday Archive Link Up (TALU) has been discontinued. It's quite a task to keep up with a blog hop so I admire anyone who can pull it off and keep up the blogging enthusiasm. So just one last shout out to Debbie @ Wrinkled Mommy and the hostesses who helped make TALU successful. 

On to greener pastures, I can formally announce another blog hop since there isn't a conflict of interest. ;))

Humor Me!

The title is kind of pressureous (I made that word up).  

You can link up an oldie or something new, but you definitely want to link up something funny.

Misplaced Alaskan

See that's hard isn't it? I can't tell a joke to save my life. But people like my writing style and on occasion I make them laugh. I'm sure I'd be better at saving my life with with sarcasm. 

Humor Me is definitely a blog hop that will make you smile. That I know for sure.

I'll get to the point next time, because I know this is like two blog posts in one. This week I am sharing one from December 19, 2011. You're lucky if you get your blog read a week before Christmas, let alone a comment. Same goes for summer. That's why I chose this to humor you with this one. With a blog hop, someone is guaranteed to stop by.

Naughty, Nice or Bored... 

Humor Me Hostesses

Terrye blog @ Misplaced Alaskan

Julie  @ Julie DeNeen 2.0

Kate @ Can I Get Another Bottle of Whine