What is Zip Lining?

"So what's zip lining?"

That's the question I asked on Friday night when our friends told us what was planned for Saturday. We had met two other families in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. We take turns planning the vacations; the non planners just pay and show up.  

It's a good thing, I suppose. I didn't really have time to get apprehensive about zip lining until I pulled up a video on youtube. Then I said to myself, I'm not doing that and neither is Christopher. Not the boy who cried after one ride at Busch Gardens when we all went there on vacation two years ago. 

It was final. He and I were just a long for the ride. But before Christopher went to bed that night he asked, "Mom aren't you so excited about zip lining tomorrow?" My thoughts were, @-):-SS

If I had known zip lining was on the menu I would have come prepared with a stomach virus.  But I had nothing. So when I was asked the next morning, "Are you zip lining?" I said, "I guess so if Christopher is doing it." I couldn't admit I was scared and then give him second thoughts. 

So we pulled up in front of the place and there was one line out front. I said, "Oh that's not bad." But that wasn't the line. That line was just for show, though it was something you could do for an extra price.  


The real line(S) were up in the hills and we road up in a truck. 


We got to the first line and again I said, "Oh that's not bad." It was just from here to there. But it was a trainer line.

So it started like this... 

So it started like this... 

And ended like this...   There were NINE lines and they got longer. 

And ended like this...

There were NINE lines and they got longer. 

For every line I was double nervous. Nervous for me and nervous for Christopher. I held my breath every time he went across. I then exhaled and beamed with pride with how well he was doing and how much he was enjoying it. I was so proud of him!

Look at my baby go! 

Look at my baby go! 

It was AWESOME!!! Though I did scream all the way down one line, I would do this again.   No apprehensions next time but I'll want to be prepared.

Here's the thing...  next time I'm wearing spanks.  

And spandex... 

And spandex... 

All of these photos where taken by a professional photographer at Smokey Mountain Zip Lines.  We had a party of 13 and they put all of the photos on CD for a reasonable price with the permission to make copies and distribute.