Murphy's Law of Home Alone...

Murphy's Law of Home Alone...

Pretend this is a rearview mirror.  OBJECTS are closer and BIGGER than they appear.

Pretend this is a rearview mirror. OBJECTS are closer and BIGGER than they appear.

If nothing breaks when my boys are out of town, then bugs and noises WILL come out of the woodwork.

Murphy's just gotta do something right?  

First there was this slug thing and I want to know HOW it got all the way in my bathroom? Did it grow up there? Ewwwah.

So at the crack of dawn my adrenaline was pumping after I tore the corner of a tampon box to scoop it up and flick it in the toilet. What was SOOOO gross is that it wouldn't flick and the piece of box I tore was too big to flush. UGH.

To add insult to grossness, it finally flicked but half of it was still stuck to the box. I gasped when I saw half a slug still clung to the box. Exasperated, I flung the box to the floor. The other half of the slug popped off the box and I had to do the whole scoop and flick all over again. See why my heart rate was up?

Here's the thing about the slug... if I had of stepped on that thing, no one was here to call 911. I would have been like Fred Sanford clutching my chest saying. "Elizabeth! I'm coming to join you honey!" 

Then the next day...

'Twas minutes before dawn, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a slug...

But something right outside my bedroom window was making these noises...

Here's the thing.... what the heck Murphy? Really? :-w

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"Oh, the People You'll Meet!"

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