Wii Fitness on Weight Watchers

Whatever I am going to do for a workout needs to be done within an hour of my feet hitting the floor. Not after it stops raining, not after the sun comes up, not after the fog lifts, not after the trash truck goes through the neighborhood.  

The momentum to workout lasts about an hour after I wake up unless I'm pissed off, then I can workout anytime. But that doesn't happen too often.  

The morning humidity has set in down here in North Carolina. It's already too yuck for me to want to walk in the morning and I don't know what it is with bugs wanting to keep me company. So I've brought myself back indoors to get my daily fitness in.

This week I am sharing with you my Wii Active routine.  It's a workout I created from the menu of workout items to choose from. 

I am proud to report that after 15 weeks I can get in my summer clothes. I know my Wii routine has helped to trim and tighten up some areas that walking wasn't doing. 

Here's a video of me (not shown) - just a voice over - showing you the workout I created for myself. 

As for my Week 15 results... umm I didn't check

Here's the thing... ~nuff said.