10 Things I'm Thankful For... (illustrated)

I tried to think of some warm and fuzzy stuff. But as I was looking at Twitter, Facebook and the photos in my phone from this week, I found ten other things. 

10 Things I'm Thankful For

1. Papa Bear and Baby Bear can fend for themselves. Sort of. 

Kenya G. Johnson
It's amazing how long Christopher and my husband can go without eating when they are responsible for their own breakfast. No one has eaten yet, and I'm starving.

2. I wrote this stuff down. 

Bad skin.jpg

3. I've learned to pick my battles. I give up.


4. They love being in my personal space?


5. He can sleep in. 


6. He doesn't need my help to build LEGO sets. 


7. Christopher will try something before he decides he doesn't like it. 


8. Christopher has learned to save his money. 


9. One less chore to do.

10. I found a prom photo where you can't really see my crazy hairstyle in 1988. You can imagine it's a classy updo.