A drop in the bucket...

This is not a finish the sentence post.

It's about BlogHer... 


"I'm a drop in the bucket..." and I'm not even on WordPress. I'm a small part of something big and I don't know if that's looking at the glass half empty or half full. 

I really kinda sorta wanted to go to BlogHer, but I'm an introvert who has yet to gain the attention a fortune cookie promised I deserved over two years ago. I don't want to just show up unknown. I want to be a breakout sessionliner.

Let me stop right here because my daddy reads my blog and he's lost. He wants to know, "What's BlogHer?"

In short, it's like one of those big fancy corporate conferences, where you walk around, sign in, show your face, collect vendor junk and then go enjoy the beach. Except BlogHer is an annual conference for women bloggers to network, gain exposure and learn stuff. There are two days of events and scheduled breakout sessions led by women bloggers and you get to pay for it.

I probably lost daddy at conference for women bloggers. 

Here's the thing... I featured myself in a newspaper article about the event... 

"It's just fake believe." ~Christopherism Age 5

"It's just fake believe." ~Christopherism Age 5

So are you going to BlogHer this year? If not, did you want to? 

Friday night I'm taking whine to a "I'm not going to BlogHer" party. Come  join everyone on Twitter Friday night at 9 pm EST to attend  rsvp @ Home Con 2013.


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