"Oh, the People You'll Meet!"

I'm on another short vacation in Wilmington, DE. Soooo...

This is an iPhone post!

I'm here for a family reunion to see people I haven't seen since a wedding 10 years ago and a funeral 13 years ago. That's how it is when you live away. I'm was too happy to visit for an occasion such as this one.

But only another blogger would understand the excitement that also comes from meeting one another. Yesterday I got to meet a BBF (blogging best friend) IRL (in real life).

As if I wasn't excited enough, when I mapped Sonya's address on Thursday night, I was ecstatic to find out she only lived 30 minutes away! She and her daughter came to meet Christopher and I for lunch on Saturday.

I've known Sonya virtually for about two years. Meeting her IRL was like meeting any other friend I hadn't seen in awhile. We just played catch up with what we hadn't messaged each other about in the last couple days. The really cool thing is that her daughter Sierra and Christopher hit it off too.

Meet Sonya Jones, artist and blogger at http://ladyteeiabodesigns.blogspot.com