I lost my iPhone on vacation....

We had been at our last stop on Sunday evening visiting family. Daddy had given me the car rental keys as it approached 5:00 - Happy Hour.   

A few hours later my uncle received a weather alert on his phone that a thunderstorm warning was in effect, so we hurried to gather our things and get back to the hotel. In my haste to grab my Aunt's fried chicken and chocolate cake I left my phone somewhere. 

Since I was driving and daddy was in the car, I didn't look at my phone at the red lights so I didn't know it was MIA.


When we got in the room, I patted my front and back pocket. No phone. I checked the front pocket and dumped out the contents of teeny weeny travel purse. No phone. I check the plastic bag of leftovers. No phone. 

Even though there was only one place it could be.... :((.

I called daddy's room and said, "I think I left my phone at Aunt Betty's house." He said, "Okay, we'll get it in the morning on the way to the airport." My mind shouted, "IN THE MORNING!? :-O It'll be dead by then. I'll have to travel all the way home with a dead phone!" :(( I looked outside at the sky. It was still stormy dark and raining. :-<

I sat on the side of the bed and said to myself, I don't have anything to do now and it's only 7:30.  I wanted to let my husband know that he wouldn't be hearing from us but then thought he would have a heart attack if he saw either of my parents number on his caller id. In full pout, my evening without a cellphone flashed before my eyes.

  • No texting
  • No facebook
  • No blog
  • No twitter


Here's the thing... I was without my phone for ten whole minutes before we found it vibrating in Christopher's bag.