Reading with Benefits...

I went to the circus and mopped floors!

Last year I read one or two books. Over the course of blogdom, I had somehow traded reading reading for blog reading. While I am entertained by some wonderful blogs, I was missing out on my most favorite hobby of all. READING reading.

At the beginning of the new year I decided I was going to make time for reading reading again. I always believed that reading, regardless of the material, sharpened my creative mind.

Since January I have read TEN books! Two of them were super thick: Alex Haley's Roots and Gone With the Wind.  

Today I finished Never Wave Goodbye. Over the course of completing this book, I cleaned a fish tank, folded laundry, cleaned bathrooms, put dishes away, mopped floors, cooked, and drove for approximately 4 hours. 

How do you suppose I managed that?   

It was an audiobook!

What a wonderful sense of accomplishment to be lost in the suspense of a good novel while mindlessly completing everyday tasks. I mopped floors more than necessary while listening to Water for Elephants. I always save my audiobooks for when I have stuff to do and read from my Kindle at bedtime. 

Here's the great thing... the three titles presented here, I read FOR FREE - there's an app for that!

Check out the details on my Tech Bytes blog if you want to enjoy reading these books and many others for free. 

 Read & Listen for Free