The Key to Empathy is Knowledge...

Today I want to introduce a wonderful blog series called Our Land where empathy & wonder rule. Our Land began as a weekly special needs series and I was drawn in from day one. The contributors have been teachers, an adult with cerebral palsy, and mothers of special needs children.

One story that left an impression on my heart was written by a mom whose son has a buddy with autism; their friendship began on a playground. Dang, I am tearing up just thinking about it. That sweet post was titled Just One of The Boys.

It is hard to pick a favorite. All the heart-warming stories shared by these writers have been a “look inside” their lives and experiences. Their stories have been eye opening in that they explain emotions and behaviors I have witnessed in children but did not understand. 

While this began as a series to target and broaden the special needs community, it has expanded to include one woman’s struggle with infertility and another’s struggle with body image. Last weeks story was about what it felt like to be a “fresh off the boat” immigrant.

These writers are not asking for your sympathy. They are all sharing their stories for your understanding, your empathy.

Kristi Campbell, blogger at Finding Ninee is the originator of the Our Land series and she has started a beautiful thing.

Here’s the thing… I will be the next feature in the series, but I would love for you check out the story of someone else. They are all wonderful. The complete Our Land series can be found here.