I'll worry about that tomorrow...

Famous line written by Margaret Mitchell and performed by the actress playing Scarlet O'Hara, "I won't think about it now, I'll think about it tomorrow, when I can stand it."

I've had a week long staycation - just Me, Myself and I. Me had a personal agenda. Myself had it all mapped out. But I did what I wanted to do. 

You'd think a wife, mother and photographer's wife would only want to sleep in and chill when those three things were not a day to day factor. Weird that I didn't get as much sleep as I do when my boys are here, but I did get plenty of rest.  

I freed my mind from worrying about what I should do, what I haven't done, what hasn't happened yet or how to make it happen. All of those things have to do with The Christopher Chronicles, marketing it, the second book, other writing projects and wanting to achieve something.

As I sat here last Saturday looking for a font for the cover of the second book, I felt like I was wasting time. I didn't want to spend another minute at the computer in that way. I needed a break from that too. 

Throughout the year, moments will come to me where I'll say, "If I just had a day to myself..." Ha! So much for that. After I realized I wasn't getting anywhere forcing inspiration in my quiet time, I downloaded an audiobook and proceeded to clean.  


I ate salmon for dinner everyday. I cleaned out my purse. I watched (for the first time) all three seasons of Downton Abbey staying up as late as 1:15 am.

I shopped on Zappos for shoes - found a pair. I made myself up from head to toe in what I am wearing and how I will look for my 25th high school reunion next weekend. I ended with cleaning and completing the audiobook.


But I miss my boys.  

I've always been one to work best creatively when I have a lot of stuff going on and those two are bringing it. 

It is a reminder that as much as I long for time like this to do what I want to do, I find that I am more with them than I am without out them. 

Me just called Myself a sap. 

I said, "No comment." 

 As for The Christopher Chronicles, I'll worry about that tomorrow.

The boys will be home in less than two hours and I've got a pizza to order. 

Here's the thing... as for what's on the menu from here on forever out...

"I won't think about it now, I'll think about it tomorrow, when I can stand it."

Here's the other thing... this isn't really really a finish the sentence post but I'm sticking it in there anyway because it's kinda applicable. Maybe? Today's finish the sentence, 

I wasn't really myself when I..

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