It had me at "Relaxing"...


So what's the difference between the last day of second grade and the first day of the third grade?


Christopher was still in the second grade if he hadn't started third yet, right? No?

Today is the first day of school here and this tough Mama Bear was having a moment yesterday. 

Christopher is still scared of the dark and sleeps with his lamp on for half of the night. Sunday night he seemed to be having back to school anxiety and must have turned his lamp back on about five times. There was tears in his eyes when he said, "I just can't sleep."   I wanted to make him smile and fall asleep peacefully on the night before school. 

So I had a sucka moment and went to Walmart yesterday to look at the lava lamps that I've said,"No" to all summer long. The 14.5 inch lava lamp advertised:


  • Relaxing
  • Unwind
  • Stress Relief


  • Decorative
  • Social
  • Entertaining

    I was under the misconception that you could just turn on one of those things and it would start working immediately. Not the case. It has to heat up for several hours before it's starts to do anything. I discovered this around 5:30 when I unboxed the surprise.

    When Christopher got in bed at 7:45, the lamp was more of a "blue light" than it was a lava anything. It still wasn't doing much when I turned it off at 9:30.

    But I bought it to put a smile on his face and for him to fall asleep to. It worked.


    Here's the thing... I kinda want to take it back.  'Cause I'm feeling better now...