Awards & Challenges...

Don't you hate it when someone wins an award and they don't show up to accept it? They've gone all own domain famous and decided to sit this one out. You're all sitting on the edge of your seat because you want to see them accept it, then the presenters say, "Kenya G. Johnson, could not be here to accept this award tonight...." What nerve! Does she think she's all that?

When I was a new blogger trying to figure out what to write about, I decided to give myself the Versatile Blogger Award. Then the awards really started pouring in. I mean like every other five months and I just couldn't keep up. So I wrote a prepared speech and sent a personal e-mail to the presenter sugar coating the "thanks but no thanks" and hoped I was forgiven.

Then one day I had to have that tough talk and say, "I don't do awards."  I mean I really put my foot down and I hoped I was forgiven.

Then lo and behold, here comes Alison from Embrace the Struggle with all her blessed assurance sweetness, throwing out bait (questions I've never answered). She hooked me and pulled me out of award acceptance hibernation. So here goes...

1. What’s your guilty pleasure? I get my eyebrows arched when I have to take Christopher to the barbershop. That is my reward for having to do it. 

2. You’re forced to choose between buying shoes and buying makeup.  Which one wins? Definitely shoes. It’s easy to try on or even just look at shoes and know whether I am going to like them. I don’t like “trying on” makeup and I hate when I buy something over the counter that doesn’t match.

3. Which skill, or set of skill, do you still want to master? Dancing, specifically any line dances. I envy people who can get on the dance floor and fall in having learned it on the spot. I practice in private with youtube videos and still never have the nerve to dance in public. Despite what some people think, not all black people can dance.

4. Which movie recently made you weep? Temptation. It was a Tyler Perry movie in theaters last spring. 

5. What tidbit about you would surprise most of your blog readers? I mentioned my height on my blog one time. One person was surprised and said, “You write taller than that.” Would it surprise you to know that I am 5’5? Off the record I am 5’4.5

6. If I took away books and music from you, which would cause you to have withdrawal symptoms? Oh geez. This is extreme to me. But I guess I’ll say books. These days silence is golden. The only time I really listen to music is when I am working out or cleaning. I drive with the radio off. When I was younger I listened to music all day long. 

7. What is a deal-breaker for you in friendships? Negative people. I have some glass half empty moments but some people you just have to cut off because they drain your spirit. 

8. Planes, trains, and automobiles. Which is your preferred mode of transportation?  Why? I think I would prefer the train if it was cleaner. I prefer flying if I can’t get there within an 8-hour drive.

9. Who was your favorite musician when you were a teenager? I can't name just one here. Timeless classics: Michael Jackson, Prince and Stevie Wonder.

10. Which subject did you hate the most in school? I was going to say Math. But I had a good teacher so I actually tried to like it. So I am going to say Science.

11. What fashion trend did you try out and live to regret? Hairstyles for the most part. And then there was the headband stage (the Latoya Jackson kind). Go see, headband and hair...

So, there's that. Ya'll know how I roll. I'm not tagging anyone; you know 'cause of that whole "do unto others" thing. 

Here's the thing... I don't really do challenges either, but I am going to try. For me it's a months worth of blogging in 7 consecutive days. Good LAWD.  

So check out the challenge below, which one would you most like to see me write?