Self Inflicted PMS...

Self Inflicted PMS...


I am totally having a Me, Myself and I moment. Me, Myself and I are Kenyatta's hormonal sidekicks. Kenyatta is the name my husband has given them. He'll ask, "Who am I talking to right now Kenya or Kenyatta?" I gotta tell you, it's never funny at the time.

So anyway, tell Me, if I brought this on Myself... 

See what had happened was... I forgot my Windows password. I work on a Mac laptop and my password has been the same since day one. I change the ones I need to change like Twitter and stuff so I won't get hacked. I store those in a safe place - not my head. 

So on my Mac I have Parallels installed. This allows me to have Windows installed on my Mac so I can use programs like that do not have a Mac version. I'm totally not giving them a link because I'm annoyed. 

So I go into Windows, because I need to make ONE stamp, to mail ONE thing. I can do all of this at home, put it in the mailbox and raise the red flag for the mailman to take it.  

I peck out my password. That's not it. I try some others. Those aren't it either. I never wanted a Windows password but it made me make one. I try CAPS ON. That's not it. Sigh. So I click on password reset.  Here's the lovely message I get.  


Well guess what WINDOOOOOWS? I never created a password reset disk because saving it to a FLOPPY DISK was my only option. 


I can't stand WINDOWS because it makes me change my password every 30 days. I can't stand STAMPS. I can't stand MAILING STUFF. I can't stand THE MAILMAN because he already passed by and now I have to go to the post office. I can't stand THE POST OFFICE. I would have punched a hole in my Mac's keyboard if I didn't love her so much. 

Here's the thing.... I am so annoyed right now, Me can't stand Myself. 

So would you say this was self inflicted PMS or induced? This moment is totally not my fault right? 


"His mom had to pawn his Xbox so they could move!"

"His mom had to pawn his Xbox so they could move!"

Life is too short to sweat the small stuff...

Life is too short to sweat the small stuff...

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