Self Inflicted PMS...


I am totally having a Me, Myself and I moment. Me, Myself and I are Kenyatta's hormonal sidekicks. Kenyatta is the name my husband has given them. He'll ask, "Who am I talking to right now Kenya or Kenyatta?" I gotta tell you, it's never funny at the time.

So anyway, tell Me, if I brought this on Myself... 

See what had happened was... I forgot my Windows password. I work on a Mac laptop and my password has been the same since day one. I change the ones I need to change like Twitter and stuff so I won't get hacked. I store those in a safe place - not my head. 

So on my Mac I have Parallels installed. This allows me to have Windows installed on my Mac so I can use programs like that do not have a Mac version. I'm totally not giving them a link because I'm annoyed. 

So I go into Windows, because I need to make ONE stamp, to mail ONE thing. I can do all of this at home, put it in the mailbox and raise the red flag for the mailman to take it.  

I peck out my password. That's not it. I try some others. Those aren't it either. I never wanted a Windows password but it made me make one. I try CAPS ON. That's not it. Sigh. So I click on password reset.  Here's the lovely message I get.  


Well guess what WINDOOOOOWS? I never created a password reset disk because saving it to a FLOPPY DISK was my only option. 


I can't stand WINDOWS because it makes me change my password every 30 days. I can't stand STAMPS. I can't stand MAILING STUFF. I can't stand THE MAILMAN because he already passed by and now I have to go to the post office. I can't stand THE POST OFFICE. I would have punched a hole in my Mac's keyboard if I didn't love her so much. 

Here's the thing.... I am so annoyed right now, Me can't stand Myself. 

So would you say this was self inflicted PMS or induced? This moment is totally not my fault right?