"His mom had to pawn his Xbox so they could move!"

The story you are about to read is true; only a name has been changed to protect the innocent. 

Christopher and I were having our usual over dinner chit chat...

Christopher: I wish Matthew could come over to my house sometime.

Me: We'll figure something out.

Christopher: Guess what happened to him?

Me: What? 

Christopher: He doesn't have his Xbox anymore. His mom had to pawn his Xbox so they could move! 

Me: WHAT?! 

I was alarmed that he understood the meaning of the word PAWN. 

Christopher: They had to move with all their stuff packed into a car. 

I thought, oh geez. That sounds like they had to flee. Poor kid. I wanted to ask more questions. Was Matthew sad? How was he dressed? Does he smell okay? My mind was totally going there while Christopher had moved on to another topic. So I let it go.

At Christopher's bedtime we prayed our usual prayer for the safety and health of friends and family and for everyone to have a peaceful sleep with no bad dreams. Before we said, "Amen", I asked...

Me: Do you want to say a prayer for Matthew? 

Christopher: What for? 

Me: That he can get his Xbox back.  

Christopher: Oh noooo! He would get electrocuted!

Me: Huh? 

Christopher: His Xbox is in the lake. 

(in other words, they had to pond it) 

Me: Oh okay. 

This was truly a lip biting moment. After I turned his light out, I giggled for a good fifteen minutes.

Here's the thing... Christopher's impression was that they didn't have enough room in the car for the Xbox and Matthew's mom had to pond it. 

photo 2.JPG