Throwback Thursday (10 years)

Today is day four of a mini blog challenge and we are throwing it back 10 years!

I am throwing it back 10 years to the day!!! When I first started blogging in 2010 I googled my name to see what came up.

Immediately I was like OMG this is so embarrassing. I don't want anyone to EVER see this. So I wrote Amazon and asked them to please remove this review. They never did obviously. Since then, I have changed my review name to something else. 

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Look! Back then it was priced higher than today's iPhone! Today you can get a used one for less than $10.00.

The camera on this didn't have a megapixel to it's name but for me it was the selling point. 

I found this picture of me holding it. I used it to take pictures of my pregnant belly a year later. 


Timestamp September 11, 2004 10:27 AM (22 weeks)

Timestamp September 11, 2004 10:27 AM (22 weeks)

Here's the thing... I wonder what gadget I'm going to be loving ten years from now? Did you see my controversial Tuesday post?