How my family reacts to my blog...

This is day six of a mini blog challenge. OMG, I'm almost done. You might not hear from me for a month. Just kidding. But I'm never doing seven days in a row again. I don't know how you NANO-NOVEMBER people do it, blogging for 30 days straight. Is there even a prompt or do you have to wing it?

Anyway, today we are prompted to write about how our family reacts to our blog.

Well... let's see. My mom and dad read it. I have a cousin who reads it - shout out to cousin "E" for being cool like that. My brother and his wife will read it if I send them the link, and my husband reads it like never.  

I don't know where all the page views come from, but I'm almost sure it's not family.  

I thought I would be all down and dumpy about the fact that my husband doesn't read it, but then I realized it wouldn't be as much fun.  

I probably would never have shared the I told you so story, because I never told him, "I told you so." 

I would have never shared the 21 tips to get your man to do stuff, because then it would have backfired. 

I would have never shared the sacrifice and discipline of compromising in a marriage

And I would have NEVER shared how I managed to lock my keys in the truck after I bought a purse

I mean really - you would have missed out on some good stuff. I wouldn't have been able to keep it real, like I like to do. 

So that's it in a nutshell. 

How does your family react to your blog? Are you glad they don't read it or do you wish they did?