Man to Man...

My husband has never been the jealous type. I assume that's a good thing. I've had friends who had to account for every minute of their whereabouts, but sometimes I've been envious of that "love"

I have been known to call my husband and say, "I just called to let you know I wasn't laying in a ditch somewhere."

I can remember hanging out with my brother and him getting an attitude about the looks I got from boys. It's the kind of thing I never noticed. I'll go to the grocery store with my mom and she'll say, "That man almost ran his cart into a pole looking at you." I say, "Really?" That never happens when I'm with Papa Bear. But of course I wouldn't know. I don't see it and he doesn't say anything. He doesn't suddenly grab my hand or anything like that. 


I suspect that as Christopher gets older he will be like my brother was. One time when we were in Walmart a man cheerfully spoke to me. It was that kind of, "Hey, how you doin?" Christopher said, "Mom did you know that man?" I said, "No?" He said, "Well why did he talk to you then?"

Another time before kids (BK) I was in a store and a man started talking to me, asking if I was married. I showed him my ring and nodded but he kept talking. He went as far as asking if I was happily married. Before leaving the store he caught up with me again and said, "Tell your husband I said he's a lucky man." I gotta tell you, I loved that line. 

So when I got home, I said, "Hey I've got a message for you. This man at the store told me to tell you that you are a lucky man." Without missing a beat my husband said, "Well this lady told ME to tell YOU that you were a lucky woman." /:)

So much for that. 

I get compliments from him indirectly...

Kenya G. Johnson
How to get your husband to take your son to the barbershop ASAP: Get dressed, put lipstick on, primp and announce you are taking him. Note: this does not work for grocery shopping.

This past weekend was my 25th high school reunion and Papa Bear went with me. Almost 24 whole hours later my strong silent type husband spoke up about something. He said, "Hey, did you you know that guy I was talking to before we left?" I said, "I didn't recognize him. I had to find him in the yearbook." He said, "But did you know him?" I said, "I know his name but I couldn't tell you anything about him." He said, "Oh okay." 

Here's the thing... Man to man, that guy told my husband he was a lucky man. ;))
Thank you classmate! ^:)^

What one man says to another man carries more weight than what a man's wife can ever say to him.

Stay tuned for the "Woman to Woman" story about my high school reunion. 

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