The Science Project Story - Part Three

This story is the continuation and final part about the science project that was due after Christmas break, the science project that I thought we were done with and the science project that ended up winning third place in the 3rd grade at Christopher's school.

That run on sentence was intentional. 

So we had to get ready for...

The County Science Fair

In preparation for the science fair at the county level, I had to write a 250-word abstract about the science project, and Christopher had to prepare to be interviewed about his project.

I thought it was a good idea to role play as a judge and prepare Christopher for his interview with the judges. I asked, "So tell me Christopher, how did you get the idea for this science project?" He said, "My mom 'choosed' it for me." 

I said, "Nooooo, we chose it together, remember?" ;))

Oh who was I fooling? At this point I worried that my part in "guiding him" had been too much. But there had been so much going on that I had to get a handle on just ONE thing.

The bigger story behind this story was/is a KITCHEN REMODEL.

The county science fair was on a Thursday evening. The kitchen tear out was going to happen in less than two days. The living room was filled with cabinet boxes, I had not started packing up the kitchen and I had not chosen a paint color. I had not chosen a paint color.

I had NOT chosen a paint COLOR. 

So for the days leading up to the county science fair, I made Christopher study the board and read the abstract that I wrote.

On the day of the science fair, I had been dressed for real (real pants, sweater, boots, hair done) since 8:00 am. It was a long day with stuff to do, including trying to make a decision about paint and finding Christopher some dress shoes that fit.  

I never did make it to a shoe store. When Christopher got dressed later on that day he said, "Um mom? This is the last time I'm going to be able to wear these." We arrived at the school at 5:15pm.

At 5:25 a lady announced that she would be calling the kids in by school. The judges would be interviewing the kids until 7:00. The parents were free to leave and return at 7:00pm. We had to clear the area. 

Wait. What? What I heard was, "You ain't gotta go home, but you gotta get up outta here."

My heart jumped in my throat at "free to leave." The paperwork didn't SAY that. You mean I can't wait right here? My baby is going to be interviewed for over an hour? AND I HAVE TO LEAVE THE BUILDING?

Heart starts pumping hard.

Christopher's school was called first. He wasn't nervous at all. I inhaled and said, "Good luck buddy!"

You wouldn't believe what happened next.

What had happened was...

I was on my way to the car hearing you ain't gotta go home, but you gotta get up outta here...

Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. Call daddy and wish him Happy Birthday. And breathe. 

Mom answered the phone. I said, "Hey, is daddy there?" Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. She said, "Let me get him...". Breathe. I said, "WAIT!" And then I burst out in tears. :((
She said, "WHAT'S WRONG!?" I said, "Noooothing, :-S (sniff sniff) I had to leave the school. They are going to interview Christopher for over an hour. :(( I had to leave the school, we couldn't wait. :((Then I started laughing, while crying. =)):((

In between craughing, I thought about my own science project story and I craughed even more. Mom passed the phone to daddy who was trying to calm me down about Christopher being fine, choosing paint colors and what not. I got myself together and though I could have gone to Lowes, which was five minutes away, I sat in the freezing car for over an hour. 

Finally, when the doors opened and I met up with Christopher, I exhaled, "How was your interview?" @-) He said, "Fine." I asked, "Did they ask you questions this whole time?":-SSHe said, "No it was just a few minutes, then we had to sit down and be quiet."

Really? /:)

So we had about 30 more minutes before winners were announced. We walked around the room and looked at the other projects done by "elementary" students. I couldn't believe how fancy some of them were. I had nothing to worry about in more ways than one. Christopher's project at least looked like it had been done by a third grader and he wasn't going to win. 

He wanted to win. I told him how proud I was of him and what a big honor it was to make it to the county. His project was one of 78 to be judged and there would be twelve winners. 

Christopher looked on expectantly as the 12th winner was called. 

Poor kid. I was trying not to jingle my keys or be too happy about it. 

I said a little too enthusiastically, "Well that's it. It's OVER!" <:-PChristopher said, "Mooooom! Now you're making me feeeeel bad." :(
I quickly withdrew my enthusiasm and took him out to eat pizza. He perked up and rattled off ideas :-@for next year while I thought about paint colors for the kitchen.

Here's the thing... The kitchen renovation is ongoing, the paint is lovely, and that is a story for another day.