Matters of the Heart...

It's that time of year - you know - of the eat right, and do right by your body kind. Sigh. I hate starting over.

Sometime leading up to Thanksgiving, I was trying to lose some weight so I could break even returning from Louisiana after Christmas. 

I did okay. I managed to arrive there comfortably in yoga pants. But on my last day there, my underwear was too tight and my chipmunk cheeks were in full effect.

This year I started my do right on January 2nd because it took me through New Year's Day to finish everything in the house that had chocolate or salt on it. 

On January 2nd, Papa Bear and I were in the grocery store trying to think of what we hadn't eaten in the last ten days.

He picked up a bag of frozen tilapia and said we could fry some fish. I quickly went in my phone to see what I needed for a Blackened Tilapia recipe via Pinterest

He asked me what I was getting, I said, "You can have fried fish, I am going to blacken mine." He gave me the, "what for?" look and I said, "I just wanna lose some back fat babe."

Later that evening...

I'm studying the recipe with Papa Bear leaning over my shoulder asking what's in it. He says, "That sounds pretty good." He likes to doctor recipes. I like to follow them to the letter. So we don't get along in the kitchen. I wanna tell him to sit down "I got this" when he follows me to the kitchen to help. I said, "I thought you were having fried fish?" He said, "No I think I'll try this."

Hurriedly I try to put the ingredients together while he's occupied with unwrapping and rinsing the fish. Then he takes over. He rubs olive oil all over the fish. It was supposed to be two tablespoons in the pan. Sigh. Then he says, "Can you get me something to dredge these in?" I said, "You're not supposed to dredge it. You're supposed to pat a tablespoon of seasoning on each one." He ignores me and I get something for him to dredge the fish through.

Two more fish to season and he says, "This isn't going to be enough seasoning." I repeat, "That's because you weren't supposed to DREDGE it." I get that look. You know the one where I'm getting on his nerves. I give the look right back to him, while proceeding to scale the ingredients in half for him to DREDGE two more pieces of fish through.

He pulls out a frying pan instead of the griddle. I said, "Wouldn't it be better to use the griddle?" He said, "No". My silent body language says, fine whatever. 

I go to wrap my hair up and put on some yoga pants. I come back and he is frying the fish in a half inch of olive oil. I said, "HOW MUCH OIL did you put in there? That's too much, you already put oil on the fish!" He looks at me like, I'm giving him a migraine. So I don't go on about how much olive oil costs and that if he wanted fried fish.... you know... I really could have gone there. Heart matters...

I refuse to blow my healthy carrot snack eating day by eating oil soaked fish. Then I sucked all the air out of the room when I announced, "I'll cook these last three, YOU can eat those."

I pulled out the griddle, sprayed it with cooking spray and proceeded to blacken my Tilapia three minutes on each side like the recipe called for.

Which one would YOU prefer?

Oh man, Papa Bear was tight!

My fish was SOOOOO good. It took everything in me not to moan while I was chewing.

In an act of pure love or.....


in an attempt to loosen him up,  I poked him in his side and asked,

"How was your fish sweetie?"

Here's the thing... heart matters

your turn to chime in...

Should I have eaten his fish?