Quality of Life...

Allow me to be completely selfish here and take this post down fantasy lane.

Sometimes you just have to daydream while you're grinnin' and bearin' it.

This is a Finish the Sentence Friday post!  

If I had a million dollars... I would buy myself or my husband some office space. I'm not sure which one of us needs to leave. We could actually take turns, since I am the early riser. So make that TWO office spaces because I don't want him in mine. Here's why...

This is currently what we are working with... in comic resolution.

From Skitch.png

#1 Should be a guest room. But it's the office that's not an office because it's "too cold" in there says Papa Bear. In reality I think the junk pushed him out. It's been "too cold" in there since mid October.

#2 "The Warm Room" Papa Bear and Daddy Mac have moved to the dining room table. The flowers just make it more hideous. 

#3 That's my kitchen table. I just got it back. It had been the home to a science project in progress for months. It's been the home to a new cash register for a week. 

#4 That's my office. I share it with Baby Bear and his homework come 2:30. So it's really his space when he does homework. He runs me out of there. He takes his shoes off, there's snack crunching, and um gas. 

So I was daydreaming today...

It sure would be nice to have somewhere else to sit while programming this cash register. The cash register that Papa Bear has been trying to program since last Friday. I ignored him as long as I could. When he officially didn't ask for my help but relayed that he couldn't get it to work, I took the hint he was trying so hard to give me.

I need my own place to work. I pictured a lush suite with a window, a coffee bar, a plant, a spa and a beach view. 

But I was just humoring myself, while I grinned and beared working in cluttered conditions. 


It took me all day to figure out that cash register and program it with our stuff, while sitting at the kitchen table.

When I was done, I made this sample receipt for Papa Bear.

Humoring myself again. 

Here's the thing... I can't stand clutter. It disturbs my quality of life.

A million dollars could fix that, but this is reality and that's a fantasy.

For now I'll take $200 for the aggravation Alex.

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