How do I loathe thee, let me count the ways...

My day today didn't get off on the right foot. Nothing went as planned. I am sitting in the car at football practice as I write this post. It's raining and it is a swampy 79 degrees. 

It's Tuesday Ten and National Pet Peeves week and I get to whine about 10 things. 

1. At 6:30 this morning it was already 75 degrees. I didn't go for a walk.

Pet Peeve: 75 degrees first thing in the morning in October.

2. At breakfast time Papa Bear asked me, “What are you going to eat?”like he’s going to want what I am having.

Pet Peeve: Reminding Papa Bear about the frozen breakfast sandwiches in the freezer that he asked me to buy.

3. We have an event to get ready for on Saturday. We bought a new computer for the business, which involves installing printers and software in order for everything to be ready. Papa Bear said last night he would be ready “first thing”. At first thing, he went to Walmart.


Pet Peeve: Having my morning planned out and it not going as planned. 

4. So while he was at Walmart, I started sorting laundry. When he gets home he says, “When you get done with that, I need to drop my car off. So & so is going to fix it.”

Pet Peeve: Having to drop everything to drop a vehicle off. 

5. So I showered and threw on clothes to drop the vehicle off. Papa Bear asks me if I’m hungry. I’m not really hungry. I feel like he just had his frozen breakfast sandwich and I just had oatmeal two hours ago.

Pet Peeve: Papa Bear asking me if I’m hungry when he is the one who is hungry.

6. So we leave to drop the vehicle off. I am following Papa Bear to some unknown place. At the last minute he has to get over two lanes, which means I have to get over two lanes.

Pet Peeve: Riding with or following someone who isn’t driving in the lane they should be in and then expecting another driver to let them over.

7. So we are in the car together and Papa Bear asks what I feel like eating. I feel like going back home but I don’t want to hurt his feelings or tell him I’m on a diet. I say it doesn’t matter because he never wants what I suggest anyway.

Pet Peeve: Going back and forth on what/where to eat finally ending up at Applebee’s.

8. I’m looking at the Weight Watchers part of the menu, and then I hear what he’s ordering.

Pet Peeve: Being on a diet and not ordering the healthiest thing on the menu. 

9. So we are done eating, and the check has come. I’m satisfied that I didn’t eat ALL of my food and then Papa Bear asks me if I want dessert.

Pet Peeve: Not having any willpower when dessert is offered.

Well I’m up to #10 and the first nine are only half of the whining story. But that's all I have to say about that.

10. This is not the post I was going to write today.

Pet Peeve: Blogging and not having time to blog.

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