Stacked and Undefeated!

It took a whole youth football season for someone to get really ghetto. This guy kept yelling, "Y'all STACKED! Y'all STACKED!" I guess he said it enough times to really piss someone off. There was a yelling match and a fight almost broke out.

I asked someone, "What's stacked?" He said something about the guy thinking we had a line put together of the best players yada yada yada. I wondered if that was against the law. The fact was - these were kids - and that man needed to get a life. 

              Christopher (middle) #97

              Christopher (middle) #97

We had an awesome season, with awesome coaches and therefore awesome players. We were beating that team for the third time. We weren't stacked. We were stronger, better and faster.

When football season started, I had in my mind that October 26th was the last game. No more games, no more football practice - leaving me to concentrate on November, our busiest photography season of the year.

I made an agreement with myself that I was going to be a good sport (football mom) and stop wishing all these weeks away, just so I could get to the next thing and get that over with. I had my eye on the October 26th prize. But as we started winning and winning and winning and winning, I said, "Ut oh, what does this mean?" It means we are going to Virginia Beach for the playoffs in two weeks. 

The moment I heard playoffs and Virginia Beach, reminded me of the time I thought we were finally all done with the science project. I was like a deer in headlights when Christopher came home all excited that he won. We were going to the county and there was more work to be done. I was a good sport and said, "We're going the county baby! High five!"

The first priority in my job as the photographer's wife is to keep Papa Bear organized; believe me, he does not make it easy. He leaves me in the same position of wishing all these weeks away, just so I can get to the next thing and get that over with too.

Our second Marine Corp Ball of the season will be this Saturday. It will be the busiest day of them all because we are spread out at different locations.

I've stacked our team.

Mom and daddy will be here on Thursday and staying through to the following weekend. Mom will take my "mom" place, and daddy and I will work two of the Balls together and without Papa Bear.

Daddy will take my place to get Christopher to football practice and then they will both be riding up to Virginia Beach with me while Papa Bear stays behind to work. 

It's going to be great month and I am going to live it to the fullest.

Best wishes for our stronger, better, faster, undefeated football team as they go on to the playoffs. We're going to Virginia Beach baby! 


As for my home team - yes we are stacked.

Bring it on November! I'm ready. I will not be defeated. 

Just a word to the universe...

Please don't send any Science Project paperwork home in November. 

Sporadically Yours