Facebook always has the backstory...

I stewed about what I could write today just to get my feet wet in blogging again but I came up with nothing. 

Then something happened to put the icing on the backstory cake. 


I've been MIA for exactly seventeen days. It's been a long and busy seventeen days and I don't think I've quite bounced back from overextended.

We drove to Virginia for Christopher's playoff game on Friday (unfortunately they lost) but the worst part about going was the drive.

I've driven much farther than the four hours it took us to get there but this was a different kind of tunnels, bridges and back roads drive. 

I don't do tunnels, bridges and back roads, but I survived. Daddy was my wingman while I braced the wheel. 

My eyes have yet to recuperate from trying to see in the dark. @-)

So while we were in Virginia for football on Saturday, Christopher was missing his first basketball practice here. 

Yeah really. 

I started to wait until Monday to find out when the next practice would be but I couldn't relax not knowing. I needed to have the week mapped out with the new practice schedule whatever it was going to be.

So what had happened was, I texted the coach on Sunday...

Yeah really.

It took until Monday morning to get a straight answer.  

So it's Wednesday at "6" and Christopher and I are sitting in the gym. A wrestling team is rolling up mats and it looks like the gym is clearing out - no one is coming in.  

I step outside to CALL the coach. He asks, "Who is this?" which is totally irrelevant. I explain to him who I am, recall the text messages and then he tells me that practice is on Saturday. 

Yeah really!

Wednesday practices will start the week after Thanksgiving.  


Mama Bear is so done communicating with this coach.


On the way home from "practice" Christopher said, "Mom, the speed limit is 45."

The End

If you want to know the backstory of what's been going on in Kenya's world, we should be facebook friends. If I'm going to eventually blog about something, there's usually a snippet of what had happened on facebook.

You'll never see a political rant on my page. I promise.