A Cure for Writer's Cramp...

Prologue: Daddy and I were riding in the car on the way out of town to shoot a Marine Corps Ball. He said, "I've got some blog topics to help you with your writer's cramp." I said, "Writer's block?" He said, "Yeah that."

Topic #1 - Riding in the car with daddy

I never did like riding with my daddy after age 11. Something about my tween/teen years and him, there just wasn't enough room in the car that we both managed to suck all the air out of. 

He only ever had to leave me one time because I took too long to get ready and then every morning thereafter was a rush to make sure that never happened again.

I rode in the car with him every morning to school and then years later to work and the pattern of it never changed. 

I was always mad at him.

The Pattern: 

The ride to school continued a discussion in which one of us agreed to disagree on what I could and could not do. 

He rode with his window down with no regards to the hairstyle that I had just spent over an hour perfecting.

He ate a boiled egg EVERY DAY and he drank an equally gross looking protein shake. Sometimes I'd have to hold one or the other because of the timing of his shift and turn. Sometimes he didn't have time to peel the egg before we left the house and I had to do it. Sometimes the protein shake sloshed. Ewww.

For years that ride was in a 5-speed Volkswagen shift/slosh - no heat, no ac, no power steering, no cupholder. 

To arrive at my destination was to exhale and make a mad dash into the building for hair repair. 

Fast forward to the present...

5th test shot after adjusting flags and lighting

5th test shot after adjusting flags and lighting

I love my daddy like we never had a ride together problem. Yet as the Marine Corps Balls approached and I knew we would be riding in the car together, for hours and alone... well I was kind of apprehensive.

For one, we hadn't worked together since we agreed to disagree on how to install a ceiling fan over 30 years ago. 

Two. What would we talk about?

The Scarlet O'Hara in my brain said, "Worry about that tomorrow."

When tomorrow came and we were on our way, everything was fine. 

Daddy said, "I saw your post on facebook. I've got some blog topics to help you with your writer's cramp." I said, "Writer's block?" He said, "Yeah that."

We reminisced all the way to our first destination and ended up working marvelously together. 

The End

Did you ride to school with your parents? Was it fun for you?

For the record it wasn't just me. Mom didn't like to ride with him either, but she and I are just alike. Stay tuned for THAT topic.