Where to start...

How YOU doin'?

This time last year I took the whole month of December off from blogging. I did this advent thing that was more trouble than it was worth.

I actually thought about doing it again but remembered how hard it was to get back into writing again and I feel like I never got my mojo back.

So I'm just treating this post like it's double dutch and jumping right in. 

Licking my wounds

Last week my laptop died. Her name is MJ, but I didn't want to upset you saying "last week MJ died". She died in Humpty Dumpty fashion. All the kings horses and all the geek squad men couldn't put MJ back together again. I-LOST-EVERYTHING.

Stupid harddrive. 

Thanks to Facebook and blogging, I do still have some pictures of my child. And fortunately all of my writing was on Dropbox, otherwise I might be in a mental hospital right now. ~nuff said


Moving on

See my picture there? That was my Plan A look for my birthday this past weekend. We had a holiday birthday drop in at Mom & Dad's this weekend. Mom's birthday was last Friday, mine was Saturday and Christopher's was on Sunday. 

So with my Plan A look I was comfortable not worrying about whether my hair was going to cooperate for the occasion. I'm growing it out and it's not really in a style. With my Plan A look, I looked at a million youtube videos for how to tie my scarf. I could not successfully pull it over my head to keep it tact and I was depending on memory to do it again. 

Well here comes Saturday evening, I am very flustered with that darn scarf. The Santa hat was making me sweat, and while I was frustrated Papa Bear leaned in the bathroom and gave me the "you're wearing that hat?" once over. After telling him to, "GET OUT!" I took the Santa hat off and instantly felt ten degrees cooler. 

I also had on high heeled boots which felt uncomfortable. Not because the boots hurt but because I was "at home". You know, it's weird if you walk around in your own house (Mom & Dad's) and keep your shoes on. Does that make sense?

So after I took the Santa hat off, my hair was all statickyslashlimp and I had to use my curling iron. 


So here I am super curled, made up scarf tie and no shoes.

Though I wished I had had on the Plan B shirt which was red, this worked. I left the Plan B shirt at home because I didn't trust myself not to drop some dip on my boob. If I splashed punch on my Plan A top, no one would ever know.

In the end I was comfortable and we had a marvelous time! 

This week

I've been doing my holiday making & baking. I've cut back considerably because postage is expensive. Well PEEcans are expensive and I put them in just about everything I make. I shipped my brother his goodies and Christopher and I delivered local goodies today. 

So I have a question for you... do you say PEEcans or PAH-kahns?

Before you go, do me a favor and drop off a favorite link - anything you want me to read or share. 

Sporadically Yours