Celebrate Christmas with Love...

Christmas day has always been bittersweet from me. My entire life I’ve lived away from “home”. Though I am “from” South Carolina, when I was growing up, home for my family was in Delaware and Pennsylvania where my grandparents were. 

Home is wherever my family is

Home is wherever my family is

I always believe that God prepared me for an adult life similar to how I grew up. With my family now, we live away. 

What’s different is that we do travel for Christmas. We go to my husband’s home for Christmas which is also the week of his birthday. And it’s bittersweet.

I’m happy that we are all together but sad that I am still “away.”

Then I look at my son and remember my childhood Christmases. Home for me as a child was where my mom, dad and brother were. For my parents, I imagine, it was also bittersweet. I remember their nostalgic Merry Christmas calls home

I envy families that all live together in the same town, and I cannot ever understand why they’d choose not to be together on this day. For me that would be the best Christmas ever.

But I thank God for my Christmases as they are. We arrived here safely, everyone is healthy and alive. I'm with my family and memories are being made. Christmas is love and a day to celebrate with family. 

Jesus is love, and HE is the reason for the season. Merry Christmas!!!