We shall never blog again...

Me said to myself, we shall never blog again until all the stars are aligned in Kenya's world. 

Myself said, "Yeah like THAT'S ever gonna happen."

Me, Myself and I have been ill lately. I self diagnosed Myself and have come to the conclusion that We have a disorder disorder. 

Aside from the never ending science project, the washing machine broke. 

Then there was...


No school. No school. No school.

2 hour delay.

No school. No school. No school.

No school. 

I'm not exaggerating here.

No school.

In the midst of this no schoolness...


No kitchen

Christopher excitedly asked, "Ooooh can I dribble in the kitchen?" I said, "Whatever floats your boat son." 

During this time of the kitchen tear out, I still had not decided on the new paint color. 

I might have cried about it. 

But finally... knock on wood

Everything is just about lovely now. 

The unplanned broken washing machine has been replaced brand spankin' new - thanks to the warranty that would have expired next month! Whew! 

We are no longer using a microwave in the frigid temperatures of the garage. One night Papa Bear skipped a meal saying, "I'm not going back out there."

Yeah - that's not gonna work, and you can't make it!

Yeah - that's not gonna work, and you can't make it!

The cabinets have been installed almost correctly. We found out there was a 3-inch mess up when the too big refrigerator was delivered. We could only open the right refrigerator door this much. ========>

I insisted the delivery guy take it back right then and there. But Papa Bear said we could make it work. I went to take a shower. I might have screamed obscenities into a washcloth. 

A week later, due to weather delays, the new smaller refrigerator was delivered. 

Weather further delayed the guys coming out to template our countertop so we still don't have one - which means no sink, which means no dishwasher. 

The countertops should finally be installed at the end of next week, but I won't get excited until I see the extended forecast. 

In the meantime...

I started cooking again. I de-grossified the utility sink in the garage and that's what I've been washing pots in. 

Here's the thing...

Papa Bear and Baby Bear have a new appreciation for my cooking... I might be a step up from the makers of Boston Market dinners. 

The End for now