If you're happy & you know it - do a dance!


My last post was pretty heavy, so today I'm posting some positive energy and I think it's quite contagious actually. 

I think the majority of people who comment here, had some snow last week that we may or may not have been happy about.

Too many cloudy days / no school / bored kids = funk.

So here's the happy story...

Over the summer my newly retired daddy had taken Christopher to see Despicable Me 2. When they got back from the theater I asked, "How was it?" Daddy said, "It was really good. I almost cried during the movie." I said, "Really?" with the really face. 

You'd have to know my back in the day dad. The first time I ever saw him cry (just wiping tears), was at my brother's high school graduation. At the time I was dating my husband, and becoming engaged was right around the corner. 

Daddy was daddy during the wedding planning. He growled about the cost and all the fuss until the day he saw me in my wedding dress. He has never been the same since. He's a softy. If you're familiar with Despicable Me - he had a Gru transformation. 

When he retired, I worried about what he was going to do with his time. I didn't want him to slow down and start acting old. I knew he would be fine during the summer because he likes to go to the pool, mess around in the yard and wash vehicles. But what about once there wasn't anything to do outside?



Last week daddy called to tell me that there was a video on YouTube to go with the Happy song from Despicable Me 2. He said, "It'll make you happy."

It was right on time too, the video did make me smile. 

But the one that made me HAPPY, was the one he sent me of himself doing the "Happy Dance." I asked him if I could put on YouTube and share it with the world. So here you are!

Did that make you happy?

Here's the thing... So Christopher has concerned himself with...

"How many hits does granddaddy have now?"

So please go to YouTube and share the happiness from there! 

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