The Kitchen Makeover - A Photo Story

Here's the thing...

I changed the title of my blog because it better suits me. I keep not blogging because "life" keeps taking over. Then I complain that I have no life because I'm not making time for some of the things I love to do.

Same URL different title

Same URL different title

Then I received the sweetest e-mail from my daddy that said, "Glad to see you are blogging again. You were missed." 

So there you have it...

Live Laugh Blog!

By no means am I planning to stop saying, "Here's the thing..." though. But call me Kenya G. Johnson of Live Laugh Blog! 

Anyway so back to the final chapter in...

The Kitchen Story

This all started back in December. Or if you wanna get technical, it started three or four years ago. About four years ago my husband and I went through the whole "get a quote" we are going to do this process. Then we cancelled our order within the very short window of "canceling" - serious refund - involving the not happy sales people and management. 

Second time around, a couple years ago. I had an appointment on my birthday to sit in Lowes and start ALL over with the choosing and see how much. I kinda got excited, it was after all my birthday. I took the paperwork home, showed it to my husband who had ASKED me to do that. Then we put it off again. 

The third time around, this past December, I was like whatever. I had a third strike attitude. There was baking, basketball, birthday's, traveling and the science project. I didn't have time for a fake out kitchen makeover. My husband took me in Lowes (again around my birthday), to show me the dishwasher, oven, refrigerator and microwave that he had already purchased. So we are doing this?

I continued to go through the motions. We had people come out and measure AGAIN. We sat down with them AGAIN to plan out a new kitchen. They measured on Sunday, December 15th. I baked my behind off that week (Christmas gifts). On December 19th, Christopher and I finished the science project. On December 20th we had a meeting with Lowes to give us some final numbers. We were leaving to travel the next day. I had not baked the cookies I was taking and I had not packed yet. Papa Bear wanted me to pick out cabinet knobs and everything. YES - we were doing this and I was super excited. 

While we were on Christmas break, we found out that the cabinets were already in production and we would be getting them WAY before we expected.

The Photo Story

*Note: Mobile users may not see the captions to get the full backstory. But the before and after shots speak for themselves.

Here's the thing... There are some do's and don'ts that I wish I knew before we started this. I plan to share that list in the future or whenever prompted. 

Regardless of the bumps and burns along the way, I AM HAPPY!