Are We There Yet?

As I walked with Christopher to the bus stop this morning, I asked myself for the fourth day in a row, "Are we there yet?" I'm waiting on the Spring that I can go outside and play in. 

The pollen was so bad this year that three weeks ago Papa Bear growled at me to go to the doctor. I obliged after buying an $8 nasal spray because my nose was on lockdown. I am feeling better now, and with all the rain we had last week, the yellow stuff is gone. YAY! 

This morning I needed to get out of the house to walk in the sunshine and listen to some music like a junkie needs junk. 

I am in winter shape right now, which means out of shape. I have my muffin top, my winter butt and my winter legs. My arms are flappy - yes I meant flappy and I am in serious trouble for the summer clothes reveal. When Papa Bear poked my butt and thigh with a fork yesterday I wanted to yell, "NO MORE HINTS NEEDED."

He never says a word about my weight fluctuation but he pinches the belly rolls, and pokes me while making the pillsbury dough boy sound. Isn't THAT subtle? [-)

So this morning I said, "I'm going!" I put a load of clothes in the washer and I went. And it was wonderful. I came back to hang out clothes for the first time this year because the air felt so crisp and clean. 

Then this lovely message pops up on my phone and I say to myself, "No, we are not there yet." :-<