Mother's Day Coverage

Earlier last week...

Mother's Day 

His teacher gave him a  do-over  on the Mother's Day project

His teacher gave him a do-over on the Mother's Day project

This note was the first thing Christopher gave me on Mother's Day morning. For the life of me I cannot figure out why he was insistent on giving it to me Friday. I made him wait. I enjoyed the belly laugh.  

Since I wasn't making breakfast, they decided to make breakfast for me. At 10:00 Christopher mouthed, "I'm sorry". It was taking quite a while.  

I didn't want any breakfast but decided to ask for pancakes so they could see what I put into it. My pancake recipe is from scratch.  

Another belly laugh - at 10:48 we were eating. Papa Bear's pancakes looked like giant biscuits. It was killing me not to take a picture - I behaved.  

I ate my one = three pancake and then I was bloated full.  

Side Note: Why is it that Mother's Day is Family Day? #ijs

Christopher insisted that I should be entertained by watching whatever he was doing and we sat hip to hip pretty much all day. 

I watched them drive their RC cars around the backyard, and I "watched" basketball with them.

After a delicious dinner (Papa Bear's speciality), I rode with them to the hobby shop. I didn't want to go. Christopher insisted, "What are you worried about mom? It's not the kind a place where a bunch of men are going to look at you." Huh? /:)

So I went. We went to Rita's which was my incentive for going.

All's well that ends well.

Here's the thing about that Mother's Day note...  

If Christopher could afford an iPad, he could afford to send me somewhere.  

How was your day?  

A Flower by Christopher

A Flower by Christopher

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