Where's Papa Bear?

I found this cute video yesterday of a Mama Bear rescuing her cub. I've provided my own commentary:

Bear Commentary

Baby Bear cries, "Mommieeeeeee!"

Mama Bear gasps, "Mikey! How did you get over there son?! Don't move!"

Sister Bear gawks and says, “Ooooh Mikey, you’re in troubbbble.

Mikey whimpers as Mama Bear grabs him by the head and drags him to safety.

Sister Bear takes another look and says, “Mmmm mmm mmph.”

Mama Bear growls and says, “COME ON!”

She lifts her paw and swacks Mikey’s behind, sending him flying three feet ahead of them saying, “I TOLD you to stay away from the ROAD!”

Sister Bear gawks and falls behind Mama Bear looking wide-eyed at Mikey as he follows suit.

Back at the cave Mama Bear brings them both in for a gruff hug and says, “You cubs work my nerves.”

Mama Bear: "And WHERE is your FATHER?"

The End

Add your own commentary. Where is Papa Bear?