Franks & Beans, Lipstick Kisses and More...

10 Mommy Memories

#1 Franks & Beans

I don't remember how this "special meal" came to be. I bet it was thrown together based on what we had in stock. So happens, it became a comfort food favorite and our equivalent to today's pizza night. 


I made it this week for old times sake. 

Franks & Beans and Cinnamon Applesauce - the 2014 version.

Back in the day - we didn't always have hotdog buns, the applesauce came out of a jar and the cinnamon was sprinkled on top. 

#2 Lipstick Kisses

When I was little, if my mom wasn't going to be home when I woke up, she left me a lipstick kiss on my forehead. When I woke up, I'd either see the lip prints or a smudge of color on my forehead. 

#3 Bad Dreams

Whenever I had a bad dream, mom told me to put my hand on her face so that I could feel that she was there. I'd fall back to sleep instantly.

#4 Prom Dress Shopping

We drove all over creation to find my prom dress, only to drive back to the get the first dress I tried on. Ditto - wedding dress shopping.

#5 Books & Movies

We read the same books and then went to the movies to see it together. We still do this now except we're apart.

#6 Leaving Home

The hardest part about getting married was leaving my mom. When my parents took us to the airport, at some point mom and I stopped making eye contact. I cried all the way to the next airport. I wouldn't see her again for a year and a half and returning had the same waterworks but with laughter.

#7 Sharing the good news

I wanted to wait until I got through my first trimester to tell anyone I was pregnant again. Just so happens that mom and dad came to visit when I was 4-ish weeks pregnant. I asked if she wanted to ride with me on an errand. In the car I pulled a receipt out of my purse and said, "Can you read this? I need to see if it's the right receipt." She said, "It says it's for a Pregnancy Jour - ARE YOU PREGNANT?"

#8 Listen to your mother

I was already big pregnant, a hurricane was coming and I wanted to go home to register and shop for baby furniture. I intended to beat the storm. My husband argued, "You're not driving there by yourself." I gave him the silent treatment. Daddy got on the phone and barked his orders for me to stay home. I ignored him and continued packing. Mom got on the phone and said, "You really don't need to be on the road by yourself." I said, "Okay" and started crying. 

#9 Christopher's arrival

Christopher was born at 5:am-ish. Based on the way I sounded the day before, mom already had one foot out the door. She and daddy arrived that same evening and she stayed for two weeks. 

#10 All the mommy visits

When my husband was deployed, my mom quit her job so that she could come and stay with me and Christopher as often as possible. 


Dear Mom,

I just wanted to say thank you for being you. I love you thiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much to infinity!



This is my contribution to this weeks Finish the Sentence Friday, where the prompt is "Dear Mom".