Who gives this woman to be married to this man?

There are several versions of the story: How I met my husband. 

In my version, my brother's USMC recruiter comes to the house to pick him up. While the recruiter was there my daddy asks him if he's married saying, 

"I'm looking for someone for my daughter. I need to get her out of my house man."



Long story short, I was set up with another Marine recruiter.

I was engaged by the time my brother graduated from boot camp and we had the wedding the following year.

When the minister asked... 

"Who gives this woman to be married to this man?" Daddy proudly announced, "Her mother and I do."

The rest is history.


When I called daddy during my honeymoon to tell him that my husband had received military orders and we would be moving to Japan he said, 

"I want an annulment."

For every time I was ever sad about being away from home, I was always tickled by him taking the pain out of that phone call.

That's my daddy!

Dear Daddy,

I won't know until it's a reality, what it will feel like to be separated from my grown child for months or years at a time. I am so glad that you and mom travel and that you don't make it painful when we can't be together. That means a lot. Your support means everything. 



And every time you tell me that you are proud of me and that I am a great mom, it makes my heart burst.

It makes me proud for you, because we are the fruits of your labor. 

You make us great!

Love Kenya

This is my contribution to this weeks Finish the Sentence Friday, where the prompt is "Dear Dad".