I Believed in Bigfoot

Lake Murray, South Carolina - Circa 1973

Circa 1973

Circa 1973

Going to Lake Murray was one of those Sunday afternoon family outings when I was a little girl.

As we strolled along the beach of Lake Murray, my daddy looked towards the woods and said,

"The thumb snatcher lives in there."

The story was that the thumb snatcher lived in the woods and if you sucked your thumb, he would come and take it. 

Years later, Leonard Nimoy aka "Spock" discussed Bigfoot in a show called In Search of...

In my mind, the thumb snatcher was really Bigfoot. 

At some point I was old enough to doubt that the thumb snatcher lived in the woods, but Big Foot appearing somewhere at Lake Murray was believable.

When I was a kid, I really believed that Bigfoot was real.

I never did like Lake Murray.

And as for sucking my thumb... well

I didn't stop sucking it then, but I stopped sucking it there. 

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