Write like no one is reading...

On Monday, I participated in a 5-Question interview via Being A Wordsmith.

I think there's no easier/honest way to write than to answer a few questions. 

Towards the middle of the week blogger friend Kristi Campbell shared an article on Google+ titled, "A whisper of advice to an exhausted blogger, uninspired writer" and of course I clicked right over.

The blogger's advice?

Play. That’s all. Forget about niching, target audience, stats. Play.

~ Jane of Nothing By The Book

To play and don't worry about an audience or stats was something I needed to hear.

If I can just get on a roll again and write like no one is reading.

So I solicited the help of Siri and said, "Look for Sunday memes." I scrolled through some pretty good ones, but I didn't feel like making a commitment to any of them.

Then I stumbled across a page that had 400 blank questions and said, "I'll take it!" 

I decided that I would pick 10 random questions. I have no idea if they are cheesy or inappropriate, but I figured after I wrote up what I was going to do, then I was already invested in doing it.

I'm playing.

Here we go...

I solicited the help of Siri again and asked 10 times, "Pick a number between 1 and 400."

I'll be answering the questions in the order given.

10 Random Questions answered like no one is reading 

#250 - Are you quiet? 

I am very quiet. I observe. Most times it's very awkward that I don't have anything to add to the conversation. I had a boss once, who would embarrass me at the end of client meetings saying, "Kenya had entirely too much to say." See awkward.

#17 - What is your nationality?

I am a Black American. I never got into saying the African part - not that there's anything wrong with that.

#385 - Coke or Pepsi? 

I've been off caffeine for a month now. Woo hoo! But before that, regular Pepsi or Diet Coke. I don't like caffeine-free of either, they taste like something is missing. 

#41 - About past relationships - who were those serious ones?

See, this is why I had Siri pick the numbers because I would have skipped this one. Without naming names, I have wasted my life on... Ok SKIP.

#18 - Hair color?

It's dark brown. I have no color in it right now. Any highlights are from the sun. 

#176 - Do you believe in Voo-doo dolls?

Um. No? :-S

#126 - Does anyone understand you?

My mom does, perfectly.

#200 - Have you ever killed someone?

If looks could kill.

#74 - Favorite smiley:

What I feel like when I'm writing a tech byte :-B

#60 - Favorite sweets:

It's easier for me to say that I don't like black licorice. 

Um - so who read this? Leave a comment or a simple like will do. 

Here's the thing... I'll get around to that writing like no one's reading thing.

I couldn't get deep with this fake meme.