"If everything is so perfect, why am I so miserable?"

I am just stealing a line from Season One, Episode One of The Love Boat. 

I'm not miserable  - just bored. (gasp)

When my boys took their annual trip without me, I couldn't imagine that I'd be counting down the days until they came back, much less uttering the words "I'm bored." slap me

I had been so excited to be off the mom/wife clock that I forgot all about what I should/could do with the spare time. When I got back on Thursday and unpacked, I said, "Now what?"

I managed to stay in the bed for twelve hours and then I was bored. Enough with my whining. If I say I'm bored one more time I might lose your respect.

So it was 5:20 pm on Saturday when I was scrolling through and deleting emails. I had one from my library that said that my card would expire in seven days. It was the seventh day. 

I am currently number 40 of 53 on a waiting list for NYPD Red 2 and I feared the wait would start over if my card expired, so I jumped up and made it to the library before the 6pm closing. 

On the way, I placed an order for chinese food. While at the library I checked the classic DVD section and picked up my favorite oldies. I settled for The Love Boat and Hart to Hart. If they had had The Facts of Life, I might have had an all night marathon.

About Last Week

Birthday girl is in the middle. 

Birthday girl is in the middle. 

I had a girl's weekend in Orlando. I've known them all since I was ten years old - they were eleven. I never pass up an opportunity to mention that. It's cool now but it wasn't when I was 15 and they were 16.

Anyway, we were celebrating a birthday. In two nights I think I had about nine hours of sleep - six one night and three on the other. 

The company was great, but the most wonderful thing about the weekend was learning that I may only be allergic to cheap wine. I did not have any sniffles or headaches after a wine tasting where I consumed at least 16 ounces of red & white. 

After leaving Orlando, I spent three days with mom and dad. We agreed that it was weird without Christopher there. But in a short time, it was like old times. 

I came and went catching up with a few friends. Daddy still treated me like a little girl and wanted me back home before dark or before the weather got bad.

I obliged.

I had a wonderful meetup with two bloggers - Michell of Prowess and Pearls and Michelle of Divas With a Purpose

We met at Olive Garden, ate and then talked for a couple hours. 

Of course bloggers can't meet one another and then not take pictures. So we removed the shine from our noses and freshened our lips for the photo op.

I spent my last evening at home with mom and dad. Daddy rented the movie Last Vegas for us to watch together.

He made us his famous vegetarian hoagies and for me that was the icing to my weeklong cake. 

I was supposed to save half for the ride home but I ate the whole thing and followed this with a bowl of ice cream.

Good times!

I meandered my way home on Thursday. After a sushi lunch, window shopping and eyeballing goodies at Trader Joes and The Fresh Market, what should have been a 4-hour ride home turned into eight hours. 

So I've skimmed about six episodes of The Love Boat with guest stars that included JJ, Aunt Esther, George Jefferson, one from Charlie’s Angels, Two from Three’s Company, the One Day at a Time mom, the Family Ties mom, Chachi, Laura Ingalls, Mike Brady and David Banner.

I am at a loss as to why I loved the show so much.

Hart to Hart turned out to be a disappointment also, as Mr. Hart was not nearly as hot as I thought he was when I was ten. 

So now that I'm not planning to watch 200 episodes of nostalgia, what shall I do today?

I'm trying very hard not to paint a room.