Keys To A Great Marriage

#1 Pick your battles because they eventually work themselves out. Good and bad.


After almost seventeen years of marriage, and for the most part, my husband's friends have been a positive influence on him. 

We've been traveling this week. I usually like to tell one story from the road via my iPhone, so here you go...

So last Friday we were at a zoo in Columbus, Ohio. Once we are a great distance from the car, my husband gives me his wad of keys to put in my purse. 

I give him the evil eye because I am carrying a small purse with the bare necessities. I don't want to be weighed down with his keys. 


One of his friends says, "Man do you use all those keys? You're going to mess up your ignition."  

To myself I mumbled, like I've never said THAT before.  

Then my husband said, "Yeah man I need to do that. I don't even know what some of these keys are for. " 

I thought uh huh, you also don't know how many keys I've confiscated over the years.  

Now I don't know what all those keys are. So I can't mess with them. 

So we were in Virginia, a different friend says to my husband pretty much word for word what the other friend said.  "You got too many keys man." 

I was eavesdropping, not spying, but I am pretty sure he removed a key right then and there.  

I could have happy danced on the stairwell, but I continued walking with smug satisfaction.  

Two men accomplished in one week what I couldn't in almost 17 years. 


We stopped at the gas station and in disbelief I gawked at the truck's ignition. 

While he still has the wad of keys to continuing scaling, I will say progress has been made.  

Disclaimer: Some friends don't make it this easy. One friend told my husband that all he needed to do was rent a few tools from Home Depot and then he could cut his own trees down.