I can't sleep under these conditions...

My boys left yesterday for their annual trip without me to Louisiana. So on my way back from the airport I said, "I'm having cheetos for dinner." And I did. 

Then I proceeded to cut my hair for over an hour. I looked at the clock and thanked goodness that Walgreens was closed and I couldn't go buy a box of hair coloring. I'm over it now. Can't take back the haircut though. 

I stood in my closet to see what I am packing for my trip and decided I was entirely too bloated for trying on clothes. I then proceeded to drink a lot of water to flush out the cheetos. 

I receive a text letting me know my boys had landed. Good I can relax now. But they have another hour or so on the road to get there. Relax? Not quite.

It's it hot in here or is it just me from the cheddar jalapeno cheetos?

I turned the AC down to 67. 

I get in the bed with my laptop. Two iPads have flown to Louisiana, one of them was "mine".

I try to catch up on blog reading. I really am super tired. I don't wanna read anything. I read facebook for 35 minutes instead. 

I turn off the light, give my boys a call to check their ETA. They are 40 miles out and talking entirely too loud. I have to shout because they can't hear me. I'm awake again. 

Is it still hot in here? I turn on the ceiling fan because I can. When my husband is here if I turn on the ceiling fan to cool down a night sweat, he wakes up with a full blown cold. Really?

Dare I say I scrolled through facebook AGAIN from my phone? I did.

Laying in bed, I think if I have to get up ONE MORE TIME... empty threat.

I'm laying there, super thirsty, cursing the cheetos and vowing to throw the rest of them away in the morning. I'll have to be dramatic about it like fill the cheetos bag with water or take it outside to big trash. I haven't managed to do that yet.

I toss and turn and toss and turn, use the bathroom and toss and turn, take a teeny weeny sip of water and toss and turn. I have no idea what I'm packing. I'm never going to sleep. I am going to be so tired. I can't sleep by myself. The alarm is definitely on. I'll be glad when it's daylight. I've got so much to do. Should I just get up and do it? I'm so sleepy. I'm so thirsty. 

I remembered reading something about listerine and saliva. I get up again, hoping a swish will help with my dry mouth. I swish and use the bathroom ONE MORE TIME. 

I decide to read from my Kindle. In no less than seven page clicks I put it off to the side. 

Here's the thing, it was 1:31 am when I refused to look at the clock one more time. 

Drifting thoughts...

I should have read from my Kindle HOURS ago.

My hair will be fine. 

I'll find something to wear.

I'm never drinking water before bed again.

Stupid cheetos.