I'll be a good sport, but football isn't my department...

Watching Christopher at football practice last year wasn't something I enjoyed doing.

I hated hearing the kids getting yelled at.

There were a lot of tears, frustration over being new to the game, as well as the no pain no gain of practice.

Not only did I feel bad for him, it was too hot, too humid and too buggy for me.

Eventually he came to enjoy practice. I never did.

Game days were exciting, but I just don't share the same passion as other sports moms and I don't understand football. 

We enjoyed suffered through one season and then Christopher said he was done with football. It wasn't that he got hurt or anything, he just said his position was lame.

Fine by me!

So, I was all set to ease into the new school year without a stringent schedule. All set to ease into the dreaded science project when the time comes. All set to sleep in on Saturdays until December. All set for a one sport seasonbasketball. 

But nooooo...

Two weeks before football registration...

I heard my husband asking Christopher ONE MORE TIME if he was sure he didn't want to play football this year. Christopher said, "I think I'm going to try it again dad." 

Wait, wha...? 

So be it. I'll be a good sport, but football isn't my department.

Basketball isn't my department either, but there's no bugs, it's hair friendly, it doesn't last as long and I sort of understand it.

Here's the thing... I've got two more Saturdays and then I won't get to sleep in again until March.