10 Throwback Photos

This past weekend I went home for a quick trip. Two of my cousins were flying in and part of our mission this weekend was to go through photo albums. At some point after my grandfather passed away, all the photo albums went to my mom.

Each time I go home for a visit, I usually go through one or two albums and bring a couple pictures home. This year I took the time to go through all the albums and pull out some to send to my cousins.

Both cousins were thrilled to get the stack that I sent and soon after we coordinated a trip to meet at my parent's house. After countless years we all live on the east coast so it was easy to plan. One came from New Jersey and one came from Florida. 

I brought a shoebox full of photos home, but here are a few that I took snapshots of:

10 Photos on my iPhone

#1 This is a picture of my mom. I have one but mine had tape on it. Just recently I shared it on facebook. See embedded post below

photo 2.JPG

#2 This is a picture of my mom and her brothers. Between the three of them, they had 8 children -  5 boys and 3 girls. 

#3 This is me from a group photo when I was the only grandchild. Everyone's expression in the photo is similar to mine. Mom said that no one was feeling the photographer. 

#4 This is me and my brother. I love this photo because it's a candid and I didn't remember us sitting close together at that age. 

photo 5.JPG

#5 This is another photo of us that I was so happy to find because I didn't remember taking it. I wrote a funny embarrassing story about the day he graduated from boot camp. I've updated the post to include this photo.  

#6 This is a picture of my mom's parents - Pop Pop and Grammy. It gives me a lump in my throat to remember them this way. This is how they looked when I spent summers there as a child

#7 This is a picture of me, daddy and my brother when taking a selfie meant setting it up on a tripod. 

#8 This is another photo that I didn't know existed. I sent this card to Pop Pop for his 70th birthday. The outside reads, "How old did you say you were again?" On the inside of the card Snoopy had passed out. It was the perfect card because Pop Pop had a thing for Snoopy. 

photo 1.JPG

#9 With the 7 year age gap between me and my brother, I did not want him to touch my stuff. He received his own George as a result of slobbering on my original George and then of course my mom had to buy two.

I may or may not have peeled the nose off of his George so we could tell them apart. 

Confession. Okay, I did that.

#10 Lastly, my daddy took these of us this weekend with his fancy Nikon. I uploaded them to dropbox and downloaded to my phone so I could create a collage and then share it on facebook.