How many minutes until school starts?

School starts here on Thursday!

When Christopher wakes up this morning, I think I'll ask him, "How many minutes until school starts?" I am sure that will make his day. Not.

Yes I'm happy! That might just be my new wake up song.

By the end of the school year last year Happy was Christopher's wake up song, but now he wants me to change it. 

10 Things I Love about Back to School

  1. The structure. I am so ready to get back to a schedule. I'm no good without getting up at a certain time everyday. I need structure.
  2. The weather. Back to school means, back to school temps. Though we didn't have a dreadful summer with the heat, I am looking forward to fall.
  3. Me time. It's is possible that I will get to leave the house by myself. Will I want to? Probably not.
  4. Date days. My husband and I work from home. So yes the summers include all THREE of us here maneuvering through the day. We have lots of vacations but no dates. When Christopher is in school, sometimes we have date days. Mama Bear needs some new shoes
  5. Me time. Oh I said that. Well I don't have to share my office space with my growing child and it will seem ten times larger. Christopher is officially 5 feet tall and 103 pounds. He's going into the 4th grade! Sharing my little office space with him is like sharing it with an adult.

10 Things I Hate about Back to School

  1. Christopher has already started, "I don't like school." I hear that about 6 days a week. This year his teacher is young and pretty. I really hope that looks count and he'll be trying to impress her all year. 
  2. Sports. Every weekend, there will be a game. I will not be sleeping in again until March. I'll have structure 7 days a week. I did say I wanted structure right? Well I don't like it on Saturdays.
  3. Lunches. Christopher takes his lunch and keeping lunch in stock is a pain. Papa Bear might not eat lunch meat all summer long but somehow it's appealing on a Thursday afternoon when there's only two pieces of bread left and enough meat and cheese for one more sandwich. I can also buy him a big bag of chips, but he eats the little ones. I can't win.
  4. Homework. No explanation needed.
  5. The Science Project. " ^ " ugh!
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