This is how I roll...

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Remember the last time I couldn't think of anything to blog, but wanted to write something, so I had Siri pick 10 numbers between 1 and 400 so that I could answer some random questions from a page I found online?

Well at least one person commented on facebook that she loved it and I should do it more often. So here you go Lisa!

10 more random questions answered...

#8 How many piercings?

I shared this on a Throw Back Thursday. I wear seven earrings now - four in one ear and three in the other. I don't wear the one at the top of my ear anymore and I have no other piercings. 

#100 What is your favorite body part of a chicken

Sometime last year I cut up a whole chicken - raw. I had a coupon which was the reason I bought it in the first place. When it was time to cut it, I had a how to YouTube video set up on the iPad. I attempted to cut the chicken just like the video instructed. It was disgusting and I thought I would stop eating chicken. I got over it, and never bought a whole chicken again. To answer the question though - the legs are my favorite. 

#339 The last time you fought with your parents?

I have no idea. It's not our thing to argue. I used to push notes under their door and argue with them on paper. Daddy and I have bickered in my adulthood. The last time I truly remember being fussed at by him was when he called to tell me I shouldn't be riding my bike while I was pregnant. I argued back that I was fine and felt safe, but I cried when I got off the phone. I gave him the silent treatment from long distance and didn't ride my bike for the rest of my pregnancy.

#7 Shoe size

I wear a TEN. I wish I had the height to match my feet. I've asked, does this shoe make my foot look big? way more than the more common "butt" question. 

#152 What do you think of when you hear desert?

I think that's a stupid question. But when I look at the word desert, I think of dessert. 

#354 Are you a vegetarian?

And this is why I don't know how to cut up a whole chicken. I used to be a vegetarian for ten years, age 7 to 17ish. I went off to college and there was a slim selection of vegetarian food in the cafeteria. So I started eating tuna fish and then chicken. With the change in nutrition, I had gained 15 pounds by Christmas. I never returned to eating beef and pork. 

#14 Righty or Lefty?

I write with my right hand, but in other ways my left hand is the dominant one. 

#46 Worst boyfriend?

Next time I do this, I'll see if I can get Siri to eliminate questions 39 through 50. Since I am married and my blog is connected to facebook, I don't think it's appropriate to write about past relationships. 

HOWEVER, there was one time that a boy came over to my house on his motorcycle. When he came in the living room he sat on the sofa and put his helmet on the coffee table. Daddy came into the living room and I made the introductions. The guy did not get up from the sofa to shake my daddy's hand and gave him the whatsup nod instead. 

Yeah, so he was in and out in five minutes and he was never my boyfriend. 

#11 When you're about to sleep you're...

Still trying to read something on my phone. Sometimes I nod off with it still in my hand.

#337 Song you heard:

Christopher and I were getting ice cream earlier and This is How We Roll by Florida Georgia Line came on. I said, "Oh I love this song!" The girl behind the counter said, "Me too!" And now I know that I am not the only black person in America who likes it.  

The End