How to Get Away with Murder...

Once upon a time in the marriage of my youth, I tried to kill my husband.

Well... you would have thought I was trying to poison him to death by the reaction he had the first time he saw that he was eating Lite Pancake Syrup. 



He had BEEN eating the lite pancake syrup and all of the sudden he saw the bottle and said, "I knew there was something wrong with this syrup. It makes my stomach hurt." :-&
I said, "You've BEEN eating lite syrup. 8-| That's the only kind of syrup I buy." He said, "Well it makes my stomach hurt. Get the regular kind." X(

So I did. 

I bought the regular kind and his stomach never hurt again after eating my pancakes. =D>
But here's the thing...L-)
Little did he know, I bought the lite kind AND the regular kind. I squeezed the regular syrup down the drain and poured the lite syrup into the regular syrup bottle and he ate it! <:-P
Every time the regular bottle would "expire", I would have to throw away more syrup, always careful to bury the lite syrup bottle deep in the trash can. I didn't even recycle the evidence. I knoooooow [-X

This past August we celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary. One day I was buying groceries and I said to myself, "I can't do this anymore." Enough is enough right?

No more games.[-)

Not sure I could really go through with it - picking one or the other - I stood at the end of the aisle and told Christopher to go get some pancake syrup.

I couldn't have been happier when he put a bottle of lite syrup in the basket.

So if the lite syrup discussion came up, I was going to throw my son under the bus and say, "Christopher picked it out." At least I'd be telling the truth right? :^o
The conversation never came up. We've gone through one bottle of lite syrup without one mention of a stomach ache or having to call poison control. :-j

And this is how I got away with murder.