I'm going in...

I'm here! ~pondering over a blank page. 

I'd like to thank blogger friend Sonya for checking on me just yesterday. She said, "Between Christopher, Papa Bear and your daddy, you should never be in need of something to write about." 

Ain't that the truth! But I keep shaking my head no to every thought I have. I used to feel the whole post at once and would have to make leaps and bounds to a computer to get it all down. Now I feel like I'm forcing it. Think think think. Thoughts, where are you?


Such a big part of who I am has become such a small part of my life and at times it feels like failure. Epic even.

I'm supposed to be a writer.

I've only written 16 posts since September, I counted. Once upon a few years ago, I wrote more than sixteen in one month. Those were the good ol' writing days. 

In my excuses excuses defense, I will say that MJ, my computer, still hasn't recovered from crashing last month. She's unstable to write on, so I can't really relax and write if I have to keep saving as I go just in case the computer shuts down. I'm already burnt to a crisp from losing stuff. I think her memory is going bad and memory isn't in the budget right now. If I had of known that I would need memory on top of what I paid last month to get her fixed, I could have bought a Mac mini. Sorry MJ, not a replacement - just a supplement.

So I'm on Papa Bear's Daddy Mac right now. I could write on the iPad, but there are too many distractions there. On the iPad I only give myself a minute to think and then I'm off playing a game or looking at facebook.

So yeah I'm rambling some thoughts and this isn't even a real post really. But one thing that I've learned about writing is that it's just like any other form of exercise or regimen - the longer you stay away, the harder it is to come back. 

See you soon...

My stream of conscious post is adapted from and linked up with Finish the Sentence Friday, where the prompt this week is - Whenever I hear the term “Epic Fail,” I think of the time…

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