What's in your photo stream?

I'm linking up with #TuesdayTen today and sharing 10 photos from my Photo Stream. 

First up, how you doin'?

Baby bro sent me these aviators. I love them. But never ask your kid what he/she thinks. Christopher said they would be fine if I was a sheriff. /:)

#2 It's been a gnatastrophe up in here and I can't hardly drink a glass of wine in peace. I think I brought a nation of them in with some bananas last week. 


#3 The solution: Drown the gnatnuisances 

In a shallow bowl, pour in some Apple Cider Vinegar with a couple drops of dawn dishwashing liquid. They are drawn to the cider smell and the dishwashing liquid makes them sink to the bottom once they touch the liquid. I know. This is so, "EWWWW". You're welcome.:-j

#4 This sitting on my porch freaked me out as I was passing by the front door. So naturally I took a picture of it.  I'm not cut out for Haunted Houses or headless football uniforms. 

#5 One rainy sick on the sofa weekend, I colored this elephant. Gel pens are the best!


It was too pretty to be pinned on the bulletin board, so now it's framed and hanging up in my office. 

#6 Did you know that coloring was a de-stresser? I've got some Zen "Coloring for mindfulness" coloring books.

#7 There was that one time of many, that I killed a plant.

#8 And brought it back to life in the same day. Apparently all they need is water. 

#9 Mom and dad were visiting this weekend and I made this black bean soup shared by Jill at Ripped Jeans and Bifocals. Check out her recipe and wine pairings. It was delicious! 

#10 This prompt was really about photography. But I'm "the photographer's wife", so anything you find in my photo stream is just show and tell. I took this photo one morning at the bus stop after we had had days and days AND days of rain. Beautiful huh? I think so.

The End

Is your photo stream filled with artsy stuff or show and tell stuff?

Linked up with Lisa at The Golden Spoons, and Rabia via The Liebers Family for #TuesdayTen sharing 10 photos today.