When PMS Obstructs Christmas Spirit...

People have always complimented me on my calm demeanor. I do react but I keep it all inside. For the most part, I walk away fuming. Sometimes when I'm under the influence of PMS I write letters to customer service. I'm getting a new blade for my Ninja Pro next week.

Sometimes I get SO mad that I get on my own nerves and I have to take a time out and shake it off.

I got so mad at this cork that I had to tell myself to breathe.

I had been having a happy-go-lucky week until Tuesday at approximately 3:30.

See what had happened was...

A month ago I found out what Christopher had known for months. There was no Science Project; it was optional. I was so happy I wanted to go out to eat and celebrate. 

Then a week ago Papa Bear confirmed we were staying home for Christmas. Say whaaaat? I didn't believe him when he first mentioned it. But when he confirmed it, I was stoked about the time I had on my hands. I didn't want to jump for joy because that would have been rude. 

I was on December easy street. No science project. No traveling.

Avatars created with Bitmoji App

Avatars created with Bitmoji App

I was so thrown off by the freedom that I lost track of the goodies I needed to get in the mail, and make for teachers's gifts. I digress... Where was I?


So Christopher is in this Science Olympiad thing after school. When I picked him up on Tuesday his teacher came outside and told me that Christopher's team has run out of time for what they were building. There's a county competition next month and they aren't even close to ready. So because "Chris is the most responsible", she would send the stuff home with him to work on over the Christmas break.

He has to create a blueprint for three different models using K'nex to simulate blah blah blah.


I was so mad, but did I let her see what was brewing on the inside?

No I didn't let her see that. I asked some questions and then I just drove home pressing the gas peddle and brakes harder than necessary, rattling explicits in my head and saying out loud...


The whole cork stuck in the wine bottle three strikes you're out or third times a charm, was the icing on the PMS cake. 

Credit: Mom's Got Ink Magazine via  Facebook

Credit: Mom's Got Ink Magazine via Facebook

Don't EVEN get me started on the weather we are going to have for Christmas!